On 13.10.2017, Professor Th. Lekkas, the member of the BoD of the Hellenic Federation of Municipalities (ΚΕΔΕ) and former Mayor of Kozani L. Maloutas, the Director of the Works Department of HRRC V. Makridis, the Head of Control and Measurement Department of HRRC T. Arvanitis, the Associate Professor and Director of the Waste Management Laboratory of the Environment Department of the Aegean University D.Lekkas and the Director of Design and Development and Deputy General Manager of DIADYMA K. Tsioptsias, visited the Mechanical and Biological Treatment Plant of Western Macedonia Region. The General Manager of EPADYM, N. Perdikaris coordinated the presentation and the dicussion that followed, while the tour of the plant was carried out by the Operation Manager of the plant, K. Matsangos.