The 1st PPPE Waste Management Project in Greece was launched on the 5th of July 2017 in Kozani.

The opening ceremony was attended by Mr Stathakis, Minister for the Environment and Energy – who inaugurated the waste treatment plant, Mr Famelos, Deputy Minister for the Environment and Energy, as well as representatives of local government and solid municipal waste management bodies from across Greece. The event was also attended by Mr Kapetanios, Secretary General for Waste Management, Mr Mantzoufas, Special Secretary for PPPs, Mr Panagiotakis, Chairman and CEO of the Public Power Corporation, and business community representatives.


PPC CEO, Mr Panagiotakis

DIADYMA Managing Director, Mr Mavridis


Special Secretary for PPPs, Mr Mantzoufas


All guests had the opportunity to visit the units of the plant and witness the process which the mixed solid waste goes through and the separation of the recyclable materials from the organic fraction and the residue to be disposed of.


Tour at the MBT units


Following the traditional "holy water" blessing, Mr Perdikaris, EPADYM General Manager, welcomed all his fine guests and presented in short the project and the plant. Mr Labropoulos, DIADYMA CEO, Mr Mavridis, DIADYMA Managing Director, Mr Bobolas, EPADYM CEO and Managing Director, Mr Mantzoufas,Special Secretary for PPPs, Mr Famelos, Deputy Minister for the Environment and Energy and Mr Stathakis also addressed a brief salutation. Once the speeches completed, Mr Stathakis pressed the "button" and... turned on the plant!


Ship ahoy!


The project, the pland and the project company received very positive feedback from the attendees.Characteristically, Mr Stathakis commented on the contribution of ‘this extremely reliable company, which took the risk, provided the technology and outlined the terms on which the entire PPP arrangement was carried out, closely monitored by our ministry in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy, which was reflected in the contractual terms’. 

The ceremony concluded at the venue Event Plaza, where the guests had the chance to discuss and exchange views regarding this important project of Western Macedonia.


The reception at the Event Plaza

The memento of the opening ceremony "Recycle tree"