In a particularly festive mood, the Waste & Recycling Awards 2017 award ceremony was held on 13.12.2017. EPADYM S.A. won 3 Winner Awards in the categories Recycling - Compost and Waste Management Leadership, as well as the Waste Partnership Award for it exemplary cooperation with the Contracting Authority DIADYMA S.A..

The president of the jury, Dr. Katia Lazaridis, in her introductory speech, stressed the importance of investing in innovative and technologically advanced waste management and recycling actions for both the economic and social sectors as well as the development and business sectors. The Awards, she pointed out, have a key role to play and they act as a commitment by businesses to reach even more ambitious goals of sustainable development.

The General Manager of EPADYM S.A. Dr Nikos Perdikaris thanked the jury committee for the trust they showed in the ISWMS of Western Macedonia and stressed his commitment that the MBT of Western Macedonia will remail a reference poing of exemplary waste management and environmental protection.